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The average guy starts viewing porn videos/photos from age of 13

Research has it that the age man encounters porn will determine in what actual ways he will treat a woman!

Folks who view sexualized photos at a much younger age are more in the light to try & exert power over the womenfolk. And then on the other hand, folks that view pornographic content much later in their life are more disposed to become promiscuous.

The research considered 330 male university students & inquired from them - their exposure to porn world. It did also demand to know about their attitudes to ladies – contrasting the two.

It was discovered that the younger a man was - with regards to when he first viewed porn, the more probable he was to want power over ladies. And then the older a man was when he first saw porn, the more in the offing he would desire to engage in playboy activities.

That was a shocking revelation since researchers had anticipated that men would be more promiscuous the earlier they contacted porn content.

This revelation has sparked up several more inquiries & potential research ideas as it was so startling based on what we are aware about gender role socialization and media publicity.

The average age that a class of men first viewed porn was 13.40 years old, as per the research findings. The youngest did actually first view porn at age 5 and the oldest at over twenty-six.

Majority mentioned that they had first contacted porn by accident, instead of searching it out or being cajoled to watch it. And how precisely that occurred did not appear to determine how guys would relate to ladies.

We were perplexed that the kind of disclosure did not affect whether a person wanted power over ladies or to engage in playboy characters.

While the research has this fact; we believe porn and how it affects a person all boils down to good education on sex and porn!

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